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KALM Testimonials

When a child sleeps and has a contented routine, the whole family benefits. Many parents tell me that they feel alive again and life is so much better. Here are what some happy parents I have worked with say:

Thank you so much for the time you gave me today. You genuinely understood both myself and my child  and I feel empowered  now I have a plan to help her sleep. You are a true Mary Poppins!

Lucy was so patient and knowledgeable during our initial consultation. We were finding everything daunting regarding our first baby and thankfully Lucy was able to give us simple but effective advice and goals. Lucy came and spent the day with myself and Hattie. She guided me through nap time and feeding and generally gave lots of advice in regard to looking after my 5 month old. It was an amazing package, which not only helped manage our expectations, but also gave us an effective routine to follow.

Lucy came to see me and my six-month-old baby, Indie at home. I was struggling to wean her and unsure of how and when to offer first foods, as well as breast feeding and formula. I felt lost with all the information online and just needed some practical advice. Lucy guided me with a gentle routine of feeding, including when to offer solids to Indie, and she had lots of useful and evidence-based advice on first foods, finger foods and baby led weaning. Indie is now much more settled at night and enjoying joining in with our family meals.

I contacted Lucy at KALM shortly after the traumatic delivery of my first daughter, Angelina. I felt exhausted, emotional and was confused with the varying advice I was receiving from lots of different people. I began to experience difficulties breast feeding Angelina at three weeks, she was slow to gain weight and became increasingly fussy on the breast. Lucy came to see me and spent time guiding and supporting me, and because her manner was so professional yet extremely friendly, I felt at ease with her straight away. She then visited us once a month, up to sixteen weeks, and weighed Angelina each time and gave me a great deal of reassurance and emotional support. Without a doubt, Lucy made such a difference to the first few months of Angelina’s life.

I would 100% recommend working with Lucy. Our daughter went from waking every two hours during the night to only waking once for a feed. It was a life changer for me! Six months on and following a short illness, I contacted Lucy again as I felt I needed help to re-establish the sleep pattern that we initially developed. The refresher was a great way to receive support and guidance from Lucy and we were successfully able to return to the initial routine.

Lucy was recommended to me by a friend and came with high recommendation. Having used a sleep service before (without success) I wasn’t sure she would be able to help. However, I was desperate, so gave it a go. The last advice I received had been very dictatorial. In contrast Lucy was so easy to talk to and guided me through individual ways to help my toddler, that complemented my parenting approach… I felt confident with Lucy, because as well as her skilled professional role, she is also a mother and has worked previously as a successful nanny.

During the COVID pandemic my friends and I were feeling very isolated, and we were caring for our first baby with very little help or support. I contacted Lucy to arrange a zoom weaning session and it was fab! Lots of fun and we all enjoyed it. Lucy guided as through the best time to starting weaning, first foods and how to implement weaning foods into our daily routine. George is now on two meals a day and absolutely loves his food.

I now understand so much more about sleep. Knowing why my son has not been able to sleep has allowed me to identify what I need to do about it and given me the skills I need to help him.

After having twins, the sleep deprivation was incredible. But after receiving Lucy’s help, knowledge, and guidance I was able to get my twins into a sleep routine which benefited myself, the twins and all the family. Lucy’s help was invaluable and her experience impressive and professional throughout.

Working with Lucy at KALM has certainly bought calm to my life and changed my emotional wellbeing. When I first contacted Lucy I was depressed, exhausted, and thought I could not cope with motherhood. I felt a failure, especially after reading and receiving advice from new mum groups and social media suggesting poor sleep to be normal, and that I shouldn’t be complaining. After less than two weeks of following Lucy’s advice, alongside her knowledge and support, my daughter was falling asleep independently and waking only once or twice in the night for a feed before settling back to sleep. The difference sleep has made to my life is amazing and I am now loving being a mum to my eight month old daughter.

Although I knew what we were trying to do to get our preschool child to sleep was wrong, I never felt judged by Lucy. I had tried everything, but nothing really seemed to help, but then I saw an advert for KALM Horizon and gave Lucy a call – and what a difference it has made to our lives (and our marriage!) We now all sleep in our own beds, all night, and feel so much better for it. Thank you Lucy.

I contacted Lucy during lockdown as I was unable to attend any face-to-face courses prior to the arrival of our first baby. I saw Lucy when I was 36 weeks pregnant and her advice, knowledge, and reassurance about everything in regard to the upcoming arrival of our baby was fantastic. I felt a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. She discussed normal feeding and sleep patterns for a newborn, as well as giving me some great advice and tips about breast feeding and what to expect in the first few weeks following delivery. Lucy came back to see me 3 weeks postnatally and met our lovely daughter Thea. I was able to ask her lots of questions regarding Thea’s development and sleep. Lucy normalised behaviors and gave me confidence as a first-time parent to follow the lead of my baby. I can’t recommend Lucy highly enough. Thank you!

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