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  • Parents should ensure they have a quiet and stable period in which to implement their suggested plan; continuity, stability and persistence are vital to success.
  • All support and recommendations offered are suggested. It is the parent’s choice to implement any suggested approaches and recommendations.
  • KALM plans focus on and respond to the uniqueness of each child, parent and family, and their situation, and sleep issues and family circumstances are assessed and analysed accordingly. Each plan is developed specifically for personal use only. Parents are not permitted to disclose or share their plans with friends or family or publish any details on social media platforms.
  • All consultations and calls should be paid in full before the consultation can be confirmed. If payment has not been received, the consultation will not proceed.
  • Consultation fees are non-refundable. If a client cancels within 48 hours of the initial consultation, they will be subject to a 50% charge based on the original consultation fee.
  • Travel costs are included in the plan fees, up to a 10-mile radius from central Bristol. Home visits outside this distance will be charged at £25 per hour paid at HMRC rate 45p/mile. This will be confirmed at the time of booking.
  • Parents have full responsibility for their children’s health and safety throughout the duration of a KALM Horizon plan.
  • Sleep plans alone do not improve sleep; the parent’s role is important in following through suggested approaches and strategies, with consistency, to provide the greatest potential for change. KALM Horizon cannot guarantee that the proposed sleep plan will resolve all problems.
  • If Lucy Lovatt becomes unwell, she will provide clients with notice and reschedule the consultation / follow up.
  • If a parent or child becomes unwell, KALM Horizon is happy to reschedule the appointment, subject to availability, within a six-week period.
  • Often KALM Horizon will recommend a parent and child work with other professionals, alongside the chosen plan. On the occasion parents do not take up the recommendation, KALM Horizon reserves the right to pause or discontinue the support, until the referral has been taken up.
  • All methods are evidence based, and they work for many people. However, they are not guaranteed and if over a period of weeks, despite consistent application, parents find that they are not having the desired effect, they should speak to their GP or another health professional to make sure that there are no underlying issues.
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