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KALM Horizon Sleep and Baby Plan

Suitable from bump to six months

There is growing evidence that good sleep in early life is incredibly important for babies’ and children’s development and future learning. The sooner sleep problems are resolved (or better still avoided in the first place) the better the outcome for the child later in life.

This plan will provide you with all you need to know about your baby’s sleep and feeding in the first twelve weeks. From day one it will help you establish positive feeding and sleep routines and allow your baby to develop good habits and optimise sleep from the onset.  You will be offered a number of gentle techniques, that along with knowledge of a newborn’s sleep pattern, will give you the skills to teach your baby to self soothe.

This plan includes:

A sixty minute discussion before your baby arrives, where we will talk about what to expect in the early weeks, what is normal and how to establish independent sleep skills.
A further sixty minute consultation after the birth, when I will come and see you at home to offer emotional support, discuss settling in with your new baby and look at feeding and sleep patterns.
Two thirty minute follow up phone calls within twelve weeks. (I recommend the first call two weeks after I see you at home, as it gives us a chance to talk through everything that is happening, as sometimes having a newborn can be overwhelming).

If you prefer both consultations can be conducted following the birth, without the ante natal contact. However, ante natal contacts can be very beneficial as you will have the opportunity to sit at home and discuss issues, without the pressure and demands of a newborn. It also enables us to form a relationship, and often leads you to feeling more comfortable discussing the birth and your emotional wellbeing after the delivery.

The total cost for this plan is £150.00

I contacted Lucy during lockdown as I was unable to attend any face-to-face courses prior to the arrival of our first baby. I saw Lucy when I was 36 weeks pregnant and her advice, knowledge, and reassurance about everything in regard to the upcoming arrival of our baby was fantastic. I felt a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. She discussed normal feeding and sleep patterns for a newborn, as well as giving me some great advice and tips about breast feeding and what to expect in the first few weeks following delivery. Lucy came back to see me 3 weeks postnatally and met our lovely daughter Thea. I was able to ask her lots of questions regarding Thea’s development and sleep. Lucy normalised behaviors and gave me confidence as a first-time parent to follow the lead of my baby. I can’t recommend Lucy highly enough. Thank you!

Sally, Somerset
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