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KALM Refresher Plan

Suitable from six months to eight years

This plan gives parents who have previously worked with KALM an opportunity to access further support or advice and ask any questions to help get their child back on track.

As children grow, different challenges with regard to their sleep and wellbeing may need to be addressed. Common factors include a house move, change of environment, illness, holidays, or sometimes it may just be when routines have lapsed, and you need a little extra help.

This plan includes:

A sixty minute virtual or home consultation
Two follow up phone calls of thirty minutes

The total cost for this plan is £100.00

Please note this plan is only available to parents who have previously contacted and worked with KALM.

I would 100% recommend working with Lucy. Our daughter went from waking every two hours during the night to only waking once for a feed. It was a life changer for me! Six months on and following a short illness, I contacted Lucy again as I felt I needed help to re-establish the sleep pattern that we initially developed. The refresher was a great way to receive support and guidance from Lucy and we were successfully able to return to the initial routine.

Jo, Bristol
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