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KALM Horizon Sleep Plan

Suitable from six months to eight years

There is no such thing as a bad sleeper, only a child who hasn’t yet learnt how to sleep well. I believe all children can sleep well – it’s just that some need more support than others to maximise their potential.

At six months old, your baby’s body clock has fully developed, they have had time to adjust to the environment they live in, and this is a great time to help your baby learn independent sleep habits. However, if your child is older, don’t worry – it is never too late! In the early years and beyond, children change faster than they ever will again, and this is good news when you are wanting to help your child learn something new.

Common sleep problems parents have asked me for support with include:

Having difficulty falling asleep at bedtime
Bedtime resistance
Struggling to sleep through the night
Bed sharing
Early risers
Waking often during the night

Working together with the KALM Horizon Sleep Plan means you will be able to make positive changes to your child’s sleep patterns, so they can become happy and independent sleepers. It’s a personalised plan made for your baby or child and is popular because the methods are tailor-made to suit your child’s individual needs and your own family dynamics.

This plan begins with and includes:

Assessment of a questionnaire and two-week sleep diary, completed by the parent prior to the initial consultation.
A sixty minute private consultation where we will discuss normal patterns of sleep, followed by an in-depth discussion of the issues you are facing with your child. Together we can then decide on the best methods to use to resolve the sleep issues, and I will provide you with the necessary tools to guide your child throughout the process.
You will then receive a tailor-made, step by step plan for your child, designed to encourage them to become an independent sleeper.
Three follow up phone calls of thirty minutes each. (I suggest the first two calls are made whilst the plan is being implemented, with the third occurring at a later date).
Email support in the first two weeks of implementing the plan (maximum two emails per day).

The total cost for this plan is £500.00

There are times when we all need a little extra support. For families who would like a closer level of assistance I can offer KALM Guidance, a plan that involves working with you at home during the day (depending on distance and circumstances). If this might be of interest, please contact me for further details.

Working with Lucy at KALM has certainly bought calm to my life and changed my emotional wellbeing. When I first contacted Lucy I was depressed, exhausted, and thought I could not cope with motherhood. I felt a failure, especially after reading and receiving advice from new mum groups and social media suggesting poor sleep to be normal, and that I shouldn’t be complaining. After less than two weeks of following Lucy’s advice, alongside her knowledge and support, my daughter was falling asleep independently and waking only once or twice in the night for a feed before settling back to sleep. The difference sleep has made to my life is amazing and I am now loving being a mum to my eight month old daughter.

Olivia, Bath
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