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My ethos

I feel very strongly about the importance of sleep and wellbeing, for both children and their parents, in terms of physical, mental, and emotional development.

As the mother of three children, I have worked hard to establish an effective sleep and daily routine for my girls, and I am passionate about helping other parents do the same. I fully recognise and understand the impact sleep deprivation has on a family as a whole – I may be a Sleep and Early Years Specialist, but as a mum juggling the demands of home and a career in health care, I have experienced first-hand most of the problems parents come to me with. Be assured, I know how it feels to be sleep deprived as the result of baby and toddler who will not sleep!


My background

I commenced my childcare training in 1994 at the renowned Norland College in Bath. After I qualified, I worked as a Norland nanny and maternity nurse, and deputy manager in a private nursery. I continued my training and became a registered children’s nurse and a member of the Nursing Midwifery Council. I worked at Alder Hay Hospital for Children in Liverpool, before undertaking a post graduate degree in Specialist Public Health Nursing and I became a NHS Health Visitor in 2002. I am also a qualified Infant Massage Instructor, with the International Association of Infant Massage and have taught many families and their babies the wonderful art of infant massage and the lifelong benefits it can bring. I am currently volunteering for the Twins Trust, providing telephone and Zoom support and advice to parents with twins, multiples and more.

Lucy Talking With Parent/carer
Lucy Talking With Parent/carer

How I work

Throughout my career I have gained extensive, in-depth knowledge of working with children and their families, in many different healthcare areas. My experience spans the ante natal period through to school age children, and I specialise in assessing a family holistically to overcome problems. This method includes looking at feeding and diet, different parenting styles, learning and developmental stages, maternal mental health, emotional wellbeing, children with additional needs and individual family dynamics. No two families are the same, with each facing unique challenges and requiring individual help and support.

Within my work I have often been asked to provide solutions for parents who are experiencing difficulties in developing routines for both themselves and their child. Approximately 70% of my clients have expressed concern regarding sleep and daily routines and requested further support, so you are not alone, and it is an area I have a huge amount of experience in!

Blue circle smile

KALM Horizon

As a member of the International Paediatric Sleep Association and the Institute of Health Visiting, I identified a growing need for child sleep support, feeding and routine, and recognised many parents might benefit from my specialist knowledge and experience. I therefore decided to complete the Advanced Paediatric Sleep Practitioner, Level 6 Course (the highest-level paediatric sleep training course in the UK) and went on to set up KALM Horizon.

I provide evidence based, personalised sleep plans and early years support to families with babies and children, ranging from birth to eight years old. Every child and family I work with is different, and my holistic approach to solving problems aims to empower parents, promote wellbeing, and bring calm to the whole family.

If you think I might be able to help you, please get in touch as I would be happy to discuss any concerns you may have.

“When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it is our job to share our calm, not join their chaos”
L.R. Knost

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