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Personalised Sleep Plans & Early Years Support

Age 0 – 8 years

Helping parents help their child to sleep well and thrive in their daily life, and helping families flourish blossom and bloom.

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What KALM Horizon can do for you

When your child is having difficulty sleeping and you are tired, it can be hard to see a clear and positive way forward, especially with the vast amount of (often conflicting) advice available on how to solve your family’s sleep problems!

As a sleep specialist, I will lead you and your child to a good night’s sleep, using gentle, tailored techniques that will encourage your little one to be an independent and contented sleeper.

However, sleep support is not all I do. I also offer solutions to other issues such as post-natal care, weaning and parenting.

Kalm Plans

KALM Horizon plans are designed to resolve all sorts of sleep related issues from fraught bedtimes, persistent night waking and nightmares, to helping your child sleep in their own bed.

I also offer solutions to other issues such as ante natal and post natal care, weaning and parenting. My background as a health visitor, nurse, Norland nanny and mum of three, means I’ll not only be assessing and advising your family on sleep. I’ll be taking all the family dynamics into account and am able to offer advice on feeding and diet, weaning, development and maternal emotional support.

I fully understand that as parents we approach things in many ways, and when I’m working with a family to help manage sleep and other early year stages, I always try to give parents different options. I believe my plans are only successful when they are individually tailored to a family’s needs and goals.

KALM is a truly unique service designed to help families find tranquillity again. The holistic plans and comprehensive answers to sleep and parenting troubles, help families flourish, blossom and bloom, and my role is to guide you through this positive process and offer support and encouragement where needed.

I take a holistic approach when creating sleep plans and early years support for families, and offer six different options, depending on the level of support you require. A good daily routine is important, and my aim is to find a positive, proactive plan that works for both you and your child.

A group session is a great way to learn from other people’s experiences and perspectives and share the ups and downs of parenthood within a supportive, friendly environment. I offer three different plans and can come to your home, a community venue or arrange a Zoom session.


When a child sleeps and has a contented routine, the whole family benefits. Many parents tell me that they feel alive again and life is so much better. Here are what some happy parents I have worked with say:

After having twins, the sleep deprivation was incredible. But after receiving Lucy’s help, knowledge, and guidance I was able to get my twins into a sleep routine which benefited myself, the twins and all the family. Lucy’s help was invaluable and her experience impressive and professional throughout.

Sarah, Dorset

I was struggling to wean my daughter and was unsure of when to offer first foods. Lucy guided me with a gentle routine, including when to offer solids, and she had lots of evidence-based advice on first foods, finger foods and baby led weaning. Indie is now much more settled at night and enjoying joining in with our family meals.

Sophie & Indie, Somerset

I now understand so much more about sleep. Knowing why my son has not been able to sleep has allowed me to identify what I need to do about it and given me the skills I need to help him.

Clare, Somerset

Thank you so much for the time you gave me today. You genuinely understood both myself and my child  and I feel empowered  now I have a plan to help her sleep. You are a true Mary Poppins!

Anna, Bristol
Lucy Lovatt
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